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Alpha Pizza Ltd's well-trained team create magic in our kitchen and have it delivered straight to your door. We take great pride in using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create flavorful dishes that reflect the varied taste of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Pizza. At Alpha Pizza Ltd enjoy a wide variety of delicious Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Pizza ready to be delivered to you.

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351 Edgware Road
Westminster, W21BS

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cheapest pizza will be free


cheapest pizza will be free



cheese and tomato sauce


4 pieces


Customer Reviews of Alpha Pizza Ltd

3,300 reviews


  • The food was decent, but I ordered it at 1:30 AM, but the food arrived at 3:15 AM, though the delivery was said to arrive at 2:15 AM. Thus, I had to wait, without any contact whatsoever, which is why I rated speed as awful. Otherwise, Alpha Pizza does not let me down for late night foods


  • Shockingly slow, had to call twice before anything happened. Will not order again. Food arrived tepid. Waste of time and money.


  • godawful service. food came an hour late stone cold and the icecream had melted. delivery driver couldnt even find the damn door and made me come out into the rain. never using again and you shouldnt unless in dire straits


  • don’t order from here if you’re hungry, waited over an hour and a half for food and it was barely warm, if arrived hot would of been really tasty.


  • ... no thank you!


  • Horrible Experience with this restaurant! Food arrived after 3 hours all cold and not safe to eat. After requesting a refund the manager said he did not want to offer one even though he is aware of the complaint. Tried contacting the restaurant to find an update around the order on the day but they did not answer. Also if you close at 2:30AM why are you still trading and delivering my food at 4:17AM? Do not take more orders than you can supply. Also have better communication to your customers. Please avoid hungryhouse users. This has caused me a lot of distress.


  • Never received it!


  • I ordered twice, the first was really good and really quick delivery the second time It was an agony. The pizza arrived with almost one hour late and it was quite cold. Really upset but the worst thing it was that nobody called me to aware me about the delay.


  • It is so cheap and very suitable for me


  • rubbish pizza. tasteless. avoid


  • over an hour late. would have walked down the street to get food if I had known it would take this long. terrible service


  • Never received the pop that I paid for, pizza arrived late and cold.


  • it wasn't what i expected, i was disappointed


  • Worst curly fries ever - soggy and undercooked. Pizza wasn't great either. You don't expect much from a greasy pizza place on Edgware Road but it was below expectation even by those standards. Also, took almost an hour to deliver.


  • Amazing customer service, they made a mistake (forgot to give me a drink) next time I ordered I told them what happened and they delivered extra free drink and a small pizza. Mistakes happen in every business but these guys learn from them